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Dakota Butcher Expands Your Dinner Choices

Category:  Agriculture, Codington Clark Electric, Business, Featured

Local shop enhances quality and increases supply with new smokehouse. It’s amazing what can happen when a business is able to streamline all of its production under one roof. The work is more efficient, challenges that arise are resolved more quickly and it means a higher quality product for the customer...

New Owner Continues Success of Tulare Country Meats

Category:  Agriculture, FEM Electric, Featured

Nathan Genzler got an early start in his career. As a child, he would visit Tulare Country Meats, the butcher shop where his dad worked, after school. When he was about 8 years old, he was told that if he was going to be there, they were going to pu...

SDSU Growth Partnership: Fueling Economic Development

Category:  Sioux Valley Energy, Business, Featured

Universities are unique environments. They serve as fertile ground to test innovative ideas. They cultivate creativity and talent. With the right resources and collaborations, academia can provide fuel for economic growth. Community, business and university leaders in Brookings, South Dakota formed a collaboration in 2004 to help harness the power o...

West-Con Expansion Builds Capacity, Resiliency

Category:  Agriculture, Agralite, Featured

It’s estimated that independent businesses return an average of three times more money to their communities than their competitor chains. The REED Fund has long been investing in local companies to help build businesses —and ultimately more resilient local economies. Some of REED’s loans support projects that add value to loca...