Hand County Memorial Hospital Receives $325,000 Loan from Dakota Energy’s REED Fund

16 May 2015


Miller, SD
Contact: (Co-op representative)
Dakota Energy

Hand County Memorial Hospital Receives $325,000 Loan from Dakota Energy’s REED Fund

Hand County Memorial Hospital was recently given a helpful hand on November 19, 2013 when Dakota Energy’s issued a Rural Electric Economic Development, or REED, loan to Hand County Memorial Hospital.

The funds will be used to help finance an expansion and renovation of an existing hospital in Miller, SD.

(Potential quote from business owner/organization representative here—stating how appreciative they are to have received the loan)

Working closely with local banks, other loan funds, state and federal agencies to finance community and economic development projects, Dakota Energy provides gap financing from REED to help business start and expand business, create jobs and help communities improve facilities, services and infrastructure.

(Local co-op representative) says that providing funding to Hand County Hospital is a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of many. “In today’s economy, employment and economic development continues to be challenging, so being able to assist through the REED Fund is very gratifying for us, knowing we are making a difference in our small communities and rural areas.”

Approximately 88 percent of REED’s lending is established in communities of less than 4,000 people and 95 percent of REED-financed projects have local ownership.

“One of Dakota Energy’s core principles is Commitment to Community and the REED Fund is a good example of how we support local economic development,” says (Local co-op representative).

If you are planning a new business or looking to expand, or if your community needs financing for facilities or services, please contact Dakota Energy at 605-352-8591 for an application or REED at (605) 256-8015 for more information.