Regional Roundtable Serves Northeastern South Dakota

22 Sep 2016


Yesterday, the Regional Roundtable welcomed the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Commissioner Scott Stern. The recently appointed Commissioner addressed the group and took time to answer questions and listen to group concerns. The Commissioner was joined by Deputy Commissioner Aaron Scheible, Research and Community Development Director Joe Fiala, and Finance Director Cassie Stoeser.

For several years, GROW SD has facilitated quarterly Regional Roundtable meetings of the group in northeastern South Dakota. Dozens of leaders attend these impactful meetings, which typically include one or two speakers on topics relevant to rural development, followed by discussion and roundtable sharing. Participants share challenges and learn how others have confronted and solved similar issues. Nonprofits provide peer-to-peer support in replicating well established, successful programs for use by other nonprofits such as revolving loan funds, healthy food co-ops, farmers markets, walk/bike trails, energy savings programs, Internet access, and more.

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