Community engagement night showcases Hot Springs

27 Jun 2018

Three years of process, development and improvement was recognized last Tuesday evening in the Mueller Center Gymnasium. The Hot Springs Community Engagement hosted an annual report on community projects and initiatives, with almost 100 people in attendance

Read the Hot Springs Report of Accomplishments here

In May of 2015, Hot Springs partnered with Dakota Resources community coach, Kristi Wagner, and launched the community engagement process with the purpose of, “unifying Hot Springs for a sustainable future.”

For the rest of 2015 was filled with listening sessions. In total, over 700 people participated. In January of 2016 five key initiatives were born: housing, business and economic development, health and wellness, recreation and tourism.

At the event each initiative team gave a report on their accomplishments over the past couple of years and current projects.

The business and economic development team had several major accomplishments to report. A major project was obtaining a grant for a geothermal study. The study maps the geothermal resources in the area. The information will hopefully be used to make cost effective greenhouses a reality in the Southern Hills.

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