Propane terminal keeps on pumping

31 Oct 2016

Sometimes it takes a little cooperation to be successful in business. Sometimes it takes a lot!

That’s the case with Agralite Electric Cooperative, a consumer-owned utility that provides electricity in our region. (You can learn more about them here Agralite is a member of the Rural Electric Economic Development Fund (REED), which helps folks in our neighborhood finance the projects necessary for local businesses to thrive. By providing capital or loans, our projects create jobs, build wealth, and improve the infrastructure in rural areas.

Here’s an example. When an area pipeline shut down, it spelled trouble for the propane delivery terminal in Benson, Minnesota. Money was needed to build a rail track and to purchase rail tank car offloading equipment. Agralite stepped up to the plate and provided financing to get the job done. “We’re extremely pleased to be able to help Alliance Midstream keep what has long been an extremely critical propane terminal operating in our area,” said Agralite Electric General Manager Kory Johnson. You can read more about the story here (