Central Agronomy Warehouse Opens

20 Feb 2017

FEM Electric helped to ease congestion for local farmers using the North Central Farmers Elevator (NCFE). If you hate wasting time, imagine what it feels like to wait in line at the grain elevator after a hot day on the farm.  With a loan issued through REED and FEM Electric, NCFE got the financing necessary to move both chemical and liquid fertilizer operations to a single location at the Sun Terminal branch in Ipswich.

Thanks to the consolidation, trucks are getting loaded faster and

farmers are making it back to the field without any major delays. You can read more about the project here, http://ow.ly/FrBC303HJh8.

FEM Electric is an electrical cooperative and GM/CEO Scott Moore said, “It’s very gratifying for us to be able to assist with economic development projects through the REED Fund because we know we’re making a difference in our small communities and rural areas.” FEM serves more than 1350 members and three counties (http://ow.ly/SrJ5303HJpu).