Get Ready to Dream

19 Apr 2017

Jason Roberts wants you to build a better block in your rural community. And he’s just the guy to tell you how to do it.

As the co-founder of The Better Block Project, a neighborhood revitalization effort that won him the Champions of Change award from the White House in 2012, Jason’s ideas and visions for bringing life back into dying neighborhoods have become a national movement around the globe.

“It all started when some friends and I decided to build our dream neighborhood block in 24-hours using less than $1,000,” he explains. “Simply by adding things like a bike lane, string lights, flowers, outdoor tables, pop-up shops and incorporating local art and music, it became a place people wanted to be.”

From there, The Better Block initiative became an international movement and has been featured in the NY Times, on TED talks and on national public radio.

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