Putting People to Work

27 Feb 2017

Do you know anyone looking for work? Have you ever thought about the impact that economic development organizations make? Most people don’t, but these organizations are responsible for doing things like bringing jobs to the town and helping local businesses grow. Located in the Coteau Hills, Lake Region Electric Cooperative (http://ow.ly/RJte303ILRN) is an advocate for area growth and development because that means more jobs, better jobs, and increased services to the community.

The Glacial Lakes Area Development (GLAD) team in Marshall County, SD is a leading force behind area economic development. With the help of REED and Lake Region Electric, they have made it possible for local businesses to receive loans. When banks say no, organizations like GLAD say yes! You can read about their efforts here, http://ow.ly/VvwV303ILH9.